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home decoration

Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated

Paul Rand
Without home decoration an interior is not finished. That is why Choc Studio also includes home products such as small furniture, wall decoration and home accessories in its designs. For each project we look at what kind of home decoration fits best within the context of the design, the character of the house and - not unimportantly - the lifestyle of the client. For this purpose we have access to the collections of various wholesalers and suppliers. See below for a selection of Choc's favourite brands and products.
small furniture
Choc Studio works with various furniture brands that produce not only large (basic) furniture such as sofas, tables and dining room chairs, but also beautiful, decorative small furniture. For instance, side tables, poufs, mirrors and piedestals. It is these kinds of additions to an interior that make the difference. >> For an idea, see the websites of Meridiani, Marac and Vibieffe.
wall decoration
A beautiful wall piece has an impact on the entire interior. The galleries Umo and Cobra Art for example, have a variety of photo art, which we love to work with. The Spanish art house Montxo also has an constantly changing collection of graphic art. And for those who dare to turn an entire wall into a work of art, the custom wallpaper of Glamora, Inkostrio Bianco or Wall&Deco pays off: their collections of outspoken wall prints, can certainly be called artistic.
home accessories
Cushions, plaids, candle holders, vases and platters... ...we like to decorate our interiors with them. For example, we have our own collection of decorative cushions under the label Pure Choc, which combine beautifully with, for example, the faux fur plaids by Zinc. And for all kinds of glassworks and ceramics we shop at various wholesalers, where we look for the most beautiful items from the offer.

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