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The details are not the details. They make the design.

Charles Eames
A good interior design is never a standard feature. After all, every interior has its own specific user requirements. And each client has his own unique wishes and needs. That is why Choc Studio approaches every assignment with an open mind. For Choc Studio, the interior design and its realisation cannot be seen separately from each other. The end result of an interior is as much determined by the design as by the quality of the execution and the chosen products and materials. Design and execution will reinforce each other, done with care and attention. And to guarantee that, we remain involved in our projects from start to finish.
1. design phase
- The design of the interior -
Choc Studio always creates and visualizes multiple designs, including a lighting plan and a product, material and color proposal. The starting point is to arrive at one realistic and therefore feasible design. The advantage of this method is that the final design can be translated into the final interior one-on-one, including an overview of the necessary activities and a proposal for the interior products with associated costs.

2. preparation fase
- the (technical) preparation -
Depending on the final design, it will have to be determined which specialists are needed for which work. In the case of, for example, structural adjustments (alteration/construction), a contractor will have to be hired. But also for less complex activities such as painting, repair and repair work, the right parties have to be selected and managed. If necessary and desired, Choc Studio can take on a leading role in this.
3. Realisation phase
- The installation of the interior -
Choc Studio is ultimately responsible for the selection, production, delivery and installation of the various required (custom) interior products including upholstery, floor, wall and window coverings, furniture, lighting and home accessories. In addition to realizing the most optimal interior, our starting point is to relieve the client as much as possible in this process.

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