Object: city apartment

Date: 2016

Assignment: design & realization

Services: interior advice - delivery of furniture, lighting, floor covering, wall covering and home accessories.

With the help of Choc Studio, the resident's favourite colour black has been perfectly implemented in this urban apartment. The result shows that black in an interior doesn't have to be gloomy, but if properly applied it is the ultimate shade to create a chic atmosphere.
Furniture from Meridiani and Pure Choc. Carpets and fabrics from Limited Edition and Zinc. Lighting by Lee Broom, Kevin Reilly, Contardi, Layer by Adje and Stout. Published in de Stijlvol Wonen Autumn 2017 (photography: Denise Zwijnen - © Sanoma Regional Belgium N.V.)
boutique hotel atmosphere amsterdam
styling apartment amsterdam
bespoke bio_ethanol fireplace
black kitchen
kitchen amsterdam
interior styling amsterdam
interior boutique hotel
working space interior
bathroom amsterdam
bedroom amsterdam

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