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"In the design studio in Haarlem, we were immediately sold."

Eric and Petra - Amstelveen
"The style and the atmosphere were exactly what we were looking for. Julia and Robbert gave us fantastic advice and guidance. They understood perfectly what we wanted. The last few days before we moved here, Choc Studio put everything down and hung it up. We were completely overwhelmed: it was even more beautiful than we had expected." discover this newly build villa
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"I connected with Choc Studio right away...."

Steven and Sanne - Overveen
"...I was confident that I could leave it all to them. In a month's time, under the guidance of Robbert, the whole place was rebuilt and Sanne and I were able to move into our new home. That first time I had the wonderful feeling that I stepped into Choc's 3d drawing, very special. It has become beautiful here." discover this renovated villa
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"We realized that a professional had to take our interior to the next level..."

Frank and Joyce - Bloemendaal
"...and ended up at Choc Studio in Haarlem. We liked everything we saw on their site, so we made an appointment. Already at the first meeting we felt that it was okay. From the 3d proposals they made, we chose for what you see here now. We already loved the stylish, contemporary atmosphere on paper and now that we're living in it, it's even better." discover this new villa
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"I'm very happy with the choice to hire Choc Studio."

Hans - Amsterdam
"At first my intention was to outsource only the living area, but it soon became clear to me that the kitchen and bathroom could not be left behind. In the end I handed everything over. Choc Studio managed the plumber, electrician, painter and so on and also moved everything, unpacked it and put it in place." discover this city apartment
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"We moved into our new home and bought some furniture..."

Femke and Rolph - Haarlem
"...but we couldn't get the house cosy and we couldn't put our finger on it. After a few years of muddling through, we decided that we needed professional help in the form of an interior advisor. Choc Studio has taken our entire interior to a higher level and has managed to set exactly the right tone." discover this mansion

"We were charmed by certain interior designers..."

Willem and Jennifer - Haarlem area
"...but did not want too much blingbling: it had to remain our house, not the house of the interior architect. At Choc Studio in Haarlem we experienced an atmosphere that appealed to us. Choc Studio has created a warm and livable interior for us. This interior, classic with a modern chic twist, really suits us." discover this mansion
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"I wanted to do a high-end refurbishment of my new home..."

Rene - Zwaanshoek
"...and decided to call in the help of Choc Studio. I have known Robbert and Julia for a long time and they have also beautifully decorated my previous home. Choc Studio listened carefully and translated my wishes into concrete interior advice for this house. We soon found out that the colour gold should give the glamour touch that I was looking for. And that's how it happened, subtle enough not to be kitch, but enough present for a rich sense." discover this modern villa
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"Through an article in a magazine, I discovered Choc Studio."

Hilda - Amsterdam
"Julia and Robbert are the top in their field, I trust their taste for 100% and that's a lot for me, because I'm very critical. I've always wanted to live in the atmosphere of a boutique hotel and that's what happened here." discover this apartment
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"We're real controllers and we don't really give anything out of hand."

Rahana and Abdoel - Haarlem
"But for the furnishing of our house we have completely surrendered to these interior designers. Robbert came during the first visit to the house already with ideas that surprised us. That is the added value of hiring professionals: they come up with things that you didn't even know were possible." discover this mansion