from introduction to delivery

choc's approach


Are you interested in having your home or business space designed and furnished by Choc Studio? Then we would like to get to know you better first: what kind of space is it? What are your wishes and expectations? And what can Choc Studio do for you? Because by getting all the basic principles clear, you can better assess whether we are the right party for you. Would you like to make an introductory appointment? Call +31 (0)23 5328487 or email us.

the interior design

As soon as we receive the the assignment, we will start the process. Depending on the project (existing building or new construction) we will first look on location. In consultation with you, the design will then be made. This means: a creative proposal, a detailed interior design, a colour and material palette and a product proposal. The final design will include an overview of the required activities and a proposal for the interior products with associated costs.

the realization

When the design comes into the implementation phase, we will of course take care of the production, planning and installation of the necessary (custom) furniture, lighting, window and wall coverings, home accessories, etc. In addition, Choc Studio collaborates with a professional network of specialists in kitchens, bathrooms and flooring and wall finishes.


In an introductory meeting you can make your wishes and requirements clear. Is it a business or a private space? What is the function of the room? How many rooms are involved? What do you expect from the design? And of the final realization? On the basis of this conversation, we can make an estimate of the required work and of the costs.

3d visualization

Do you find it difficult to imagine the opportunities offered by the interior of your home or business space? Using 3D impressions, we provide insight into the potential of your home or business space. By making the options visual, you will notice that there is often much more possible than what you might have thought in the first instance. In this way, well before the realisation phase, you will get a clear picture of the desired new interior.


Do you want to know if Choc Studio can mean something for you? Call +31 (0)23 5328487 or email us to make an introductory appointment. Would you like to see more of what we do first? Than take a look at our portfolio for an impression.